Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines

ACTERIA Early Career Research Prizes awarded by EFIS in immunology and allergology

NOTE: The call for applications for the ACTERIA Early Career Research Prizes will be announced on October 1st, 2020.

These Prizes will honor young immunologists and allergologists for their achievements and research efforts conducted in a European university/research organization in the past 10 years subsequent to receiving their doctoral degree. As such, eligible candidates will have earned their Ph.D. (or equivalent degree) after January 1, 2011.*


Candidates for the ACTERIA Early Career Research Prizes awarded by EFIS must submit the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae (2 pages max.) with publications, including primary research articles, reviews, book chapters, conference proceedings, oral presentations, etc. (acceptance letter(s) required for publications not yet published or in press)
  • Summary of activity since obtaining the doctoral degree (5 pages max.), citing particularly relevant scientific and/or clinical achievements.
  • Letter of reference from Laboratory/Department/Division Director.
  • Proof of Membership in an EFIS-affiliated National Society
  • Proposed research project (5 Pages max.) including: state-of-the-art, questions addressed, research program and methods, expected results, feasibility, potential bottlenecks and solutions, if necessary, timeline, short list of references.
  • Letter from the Host Institution where the project will be conducted, confirming that appropriate facilities will be guaranteed to the researcher in the event the project is approved, and including a statement that the safety rules of the organization will be applied.
  • Ethics statement (applicable for research using human or animal samples or conducted in humans or animals) confirming that the proposed project will be submitted to the appropriate Institutional Review Board/Ethics Committee before funding is awarded by the Fondation ACTERIA.

The above complementary supporting documents must be submitted as either Word or PDF files.

Note: the names of the uploaded files will be generated automatically by the system.


Following the submission deadline candidates' applications will be forwarded to the EFIS-affiliated National Society to which they belong. Thereafter, National Societies - entrusted with the task of establishing their own selection/nomination panels, if necessary - will review applications and, based on the quality of proposals, ultimately formulate two (2) nominations, one in immunology and one in allergology, to be formally submitted to the ACTERIA Prizes Selection Jury.


Prize winners will be announced in May 2021.


* A "grace period" will be applied to account for extended gaps in an applicant's research career for purposes of maternity leave, military service, etc. Generally, however, this will not exceed 12-18 months. Particularly significant extensions of the 10-year time limit will be carefully evaluated by the National Society to which the applicant belongs and must be appropriately justified.